Diseño y Desarrollo de Instalaciones de Ocio Acuático
Design and Development of Water Leisure Facilites


...aligning all the policies in the company towards the fundamental values that inspires the Economy of the Common Good, developing an integrating the following values and behavioural habits within the organization: 


  1. To clients: we guarantee quality within the established lead times and comply with the defined specifications.  
  2. To employees: we believe and invest in the professional and personal growth of our workforce.
  3. To society and the environment: our final objective is to create wellness and leisure areas, respecting the environment and complying with the established safety standards.  


Our experience makes us pro-active in terms of the managing needs of our client and we can foresee doubts which may arise in the execution phase, offering efficient solutions.


  1. We have a creative and participative workforce who always has the needs of our clients in mind.
  2. We are in a constant process of continuous improvement, both of our products and our procedures.


  1. Our world-wide experience allows us to adapt our products and services to the culture of each destination country.
  2. Our extended knowledge of the product and the market, allows us to enhance the content of our work, therefore, resulting in greater benefits for our clients.  


We advocate behaviours and attitudes, through communication, participation and transparency, which help our people to work as a team with enthusiasm and harmony and with one goal in mind: to create leisure and wellness areas where people have fun with total safety.